Towards A Good Samaritan World

Friday, October 06, 2006

Fascist website VDare objects to the practice of "anathematization":

This weird attempt to ban discussion of an historical event has been noticed here before. But it is significant and worth thinking about.

The Anglo-Saxon tradition of political discourse needs free speech. The concept that some issue can be declared taboo and excluded from public consciousness by anathematization, not uncommon in other cultures, is an alien import. It must be rejected with scorn.

Following this logic, we also should not anathematize Hitler or contemporary neo-Nazism, nor Stalinism, nor suicide terrorism, ethnic cleansing and genocide, etc. Late in the last century, intellectuals like Nietzsche attacked and undermined the humane anathematizations of certain practices and attitudes which had underpinned the spectacular moral, economic, political, artistic, scientific, etc., progress of the 19th century. They helped to put humanity on a slippery slope to the world wars and totalitarian revolutions of the first half of the 20th century. Of course the deservedly-anathematized will always object. But anathematization has its place.

The anathematization of the idea of mass deportation is a task of the utmost moral urgency. At the risk of sounding pompous or grandiloquent, it is the duty of every American patriot.


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