Towards A Good Samaritan World

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This Pence-Hutchison bill is really tough. 17 years to become a citizen. Requires illegal immigrants to go home in order to apply-- which many of them wouldn't, since they wouldn't trust the US to let them back in. And only Canadians, Mexicans, and some central Americans would be eligible, which is better than nothing, but means that a million or two visa over-stayers would be in the same situation they are now, and, more importantly, that the door would still be closed to hundreds of millions of Asians, South Americans, eastern Europeans, etc., who could contribute to our society, get better lives for themselves, save money to bring home or send home, and so on.

It's sad to think our immigration system is so bad than even this bill would be an improvement. But that's where we're at. So good luck to Congressmen Pence and Hutchison.


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