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Thursday, July 06, 2006


What is Mark Steyn's position on immigration? I can't figure it out from "Bush Lied, People Applied!!!" Sometimes, he seems to allow it to be presumed that he's anti-immigration just because he's a conservative icon. But look at this:

That’s the other phony-baloney term floating around: “Open borders.” I wish. Given that the United States has no problem legalizing millions of felons, I don’t see why we don’t just scrap the 79 visas entirely and say, unless you’re in the Interpol computer for a series of unsolved prostitute murders in Dubrovnik or some such, come on in. I’d quite like to bring in a Mary Poppins type for my kids and, to be honest, given the contempt the Senate and the President and various state agencies have shown for US immigration law, why shouldn’t I be allowed just to fly her straight over and start her working? But no, that will still take a decade of bureaucratic torpor to process...

OPEN BORDERS. I WISH?! YEAH!!! That doesn't sound like an anti-immigration conservative to me. I think Mark Steyn, deep down, is shrewd enough to realize that knee-jerk anti-big-government conservatism is not compatible with the anti-immigration stance that so many conservatives-- at the National Review, for example-- take. His point, which he chooses a strange, confusing but entertaining way to make, may boil down to the something like this: our immigration laws are a lot of junk, which should be sabotaged and disobeyed.


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