Towards A Good Samaritan World

Monday, July 17, 2006


I think the distinction between the terms "evil" and "wicked" is the following: in evil, there is an element of insanity. This infects the ends of an evil person, which are bewildering for persons not tainted by evil. Evil is capable of great sacrifice and courage for its ends.

Wickedness seeks natural goods-- prosperity, sex, luxury, ambition, family-- that normal and good people can recognize and understand, but is unscrupulous in seeking them.

My sense is that Tom Tancredo is an evil man, who is very angry at contemporary America for reasons that a well-adjusted young urban American could simply not understand, lacking the habits of hatred which provide an essential lens for seeing the world in this way. Pat Buchanan seems to me like someone with fairly natural desires, who wants-- on behalf of himself and his imagined-or-real constituency-- a complacent suburban life in which his children will marry like-minded people, and with no dark-skinned poor people around to trouble his consience or pose a real or imagined crime threat. He is a wicked man because he is willing to harm many potential migrants in order to get this.


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