Towards A Good Samaritan World

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I read a good article on immigration today in the lefty magazine Mother Jones, which called immigration "the new labor movement." I couldn't find it online, but here's an article they published back in March with some good ideas:

In an ideal world, a fair immigration policy would include an earned-legalization program for all unauthorized immigrants who have worked and established roots in this country, along with labor protections for all workers, to curb exploitation at the hands of their employers. A just bill would also be set within a broader economic policy context, to reduce the negative effects that immigration can have on native low-income workers in this country.

Except for the "labor protections for all workers"-- since trying to "protect" jobs makes it more expensive to create jobs and leads to unemployment, "labor protections" that go beyond preventing employers from practicing fraud against workers are just poor-to-poor transfers and generally a bad idea-- I agree with all of this.

Mother Jones is against a guest worker program. I support one. Still, I think a right-left coalition on this issue should be possible. It would be great if the Democrats made this their signature issue.

Kudos to Democratic PA Senate candidate Bob Casey for fighting back against Santorum's anti-immigration demagoguery. Santorum was a strong supporter of Bush's Social Security privatization plan, for which I admire him. But now that he's becoming the Senate's Tom Tancredo, his long-anticipated fall will be welcome.


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