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Monday, June 19, 2006

Here are two articles I published at Tech Central a little while back, during the hiatus at this blog:

"Immigration Wisdom in the Senate." (2 June 2006)
"Immigration and the Nation-State." (26 May 2006)

I'm trying not to think about politics as much lately because it's semi-depressing, given that immigration reform, after the Senate bill was so promising, has stalled. The anti- side in this debate is a noxious presence in the national debate; the type of presence I wish I didn't have to know was there.

I don't think the American people are bad-- well, most of them aren't anyway. There are a few rotten apples-- the Minutemen come to mind-- but most people, I think, are sort of well-intentioned and confused. The idea that the exploitation of illegal immigrants is a reason to shut them out is deeply illogical but can dupe a person who doesn't really hammer into place the means and ends of the matter in their heads.

What's disillusioning is the reaction of politicians and pundits to the issue. They do have time to think it through, and I think they all know, deep down, what the moral position is, and a lot of them just decide not to take it. I probably shouldn't be surprised by this, but there's something in all of us that keeps hoping everyone is good, and for that part of me, this is a bruising fight.


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