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Monday, May 08, 2006


So there are my endorsements for November 2006. I can't believe I'm endorsing the Democrats, even though my contempt for the Democratic Party in general is as strong as ever, and my sense, based on limited information caused by considerable apathy, is that the Democrats in the House of Representatives are mostly loony tunes a la Dennis Kucinich and Nancy Pelosi. Why?

1) The most important thing is that the perpetrators of the "felony" immigration bill HR4437 be brought to justice. Better yet, since the Republican-led Senate has been much more liberal on immigration, they deserve to be rewarded (especially McCain).

2) The Senate is what matters with respect to judicial appointments. The idea of a "living constitution," i.e. the systematic usurpation of powers appropriate to the people by judges, should be stopped. We should keep the Senate in office to keep getting judicial appointments like Roberts and Alito.

3) I'm not optimistic, but who knows, it might be useful to give the Democrats at least a little bit of power so that they'll start musing over what the task of responsible government might, theoretically, consist of. Right now, the Democrats are defined by their mindless, reactionary, utterly unprincipled self-blindfolding to the problems of the Social Security program. Clinton was 100 times superior to contemporary Democrats. I don't know why. But maybe being in power had something to do with it.

It just might happen, if two groups vote strategically: Hispanics and opponents of abortion. Hispanics should like the Senate right now, and hate the House. As for social conservatives, a lot of them are abortion single-issue voters and might oppose the Republicans on everything else. Well, it's the Senate, not the House, that advises and consents on judicial appointments, a smart pro-lifer could protest-vote for a Democrat for the House of Representatives, while supporting the cause by voting for a Republican Senator.

A Democratic victory for the House might also encourage the Republicans to nominate John McCain in 2008, rather than a more conventional (and anti-immigration) conservative.


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