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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


If Russia intended to strike a blow against the Ukrainian government by cutting off gas supplies, their plan apparently worked:

The Ukrainian parliament has sacked its government due to the gas price row with Russia, as the European Commission tries to soothe fresh worries over EU gas supplies.

Two hundred and fifty out of 450 Ukrainian members voted against prime minister Yuri Yekhanourov's cabinet on Tuesday (10 January), Reuters and BBC report.

President Viktor Yushchenko is seeking legal advice to keep the government in place until the March general elections.

He said "This decision will be shown to be unconstitutional" while visiting Kazakhstan.

Opposition parties brought the motion of no confidence after Kiev agreed to pay Russia $95 per 1,000 cubic metres instead of the previous $50 on 4 January.

There may be more substance to Russia's informal empire over the post-Soviet sphere than meets the eye. Talleyrand once remarked: "Russia is never as strong as it looks. Russia is never as weak as it looks."


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