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Friday, December 09, 2005

McCain for Veep, 2006

While I have nothing against Cheney, I think it would be smart for the Republicans to appoint McCain Vice President just about now. A Vice President McCain would change the party's "forward offer" by making McCain's nomination for president in 2008 likely. If Bush is sort of a lame duck, McCain would be the anti-lame duck, bringing a lot of political capital to the White House, with good odds of having an eleven-year stint at the White House. Of course, McCain is not a Veep personality, being a maverick, not inclined to subordinate his agenda to someone else's. But he doesn't need to subordinate his agenda, because he genuinely agrees with Bush on the biggest things, namely Social Security reform and the war. My advice would be for Bush to let McCain have his head in the Veep spot. Let him pursue his maverick-y projects, even if Bush partly disagrees with him sometimes. Bush's legacy will depend, above all, on the Iraq War/GWOT and on whether the Republicans keep the White House in 2008-- and of course it would get a huge boost if Social Security reform is passed.

But of course this is fantasy...


  • So Nelson Mandela has "no standing to talk about human rights"? Try telling him that. And you accuse me of "trying to delegitimize debate"! Are you really being serious here? Come on . . .

    By Anonymous Andrew, at 1:38 PM  

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