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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The House od Representatives is on the verge of passing an immigration bill. Is it good or bad? On the one hand, the NYTimes writes:

The Republican-controlled House is poised to pass one of the toughest border security measures in more than a decade, cracking down on illegal immigrants and their employers and defying President Bush's call for a comprehensive bill that would grant millions of illegal immigrants already in the United States a right to work here temporarily.

The measure, expected to clear the House this week, would for the first time make it a federal crime to live in the United States illegally. That provision would turn millions of immigrants into felons, ineligible to win any legal status. Currently, living in this country without a document like a visa or a green card is a violation of civil immigration law, not criminal law.

This is grotesque. A huge step backwards in civil rights. If this means what I think it means, I'm tempted to say (though perhaps it's an overstatement) that our government will cross the line between just and unjust and forfeit the allegiance of people of good will. And yet, J.D. Hayworth writes:

The vote will set our nation on an almost irreversible course toward the enactment of a guest-worker amnesty plan that will legitimize the invasion of the more than 10 million illegal aliens already here and open our borders to unknown millions more.

The scheme is a classic bait-and-switch. First, pass a supposed "get-tough" enforcement bill in the House on Dec. 15 so members can head home feeling they've "done something" about illegal immigration. Second, let the Senate add a guest-worker amnesty plan to the bill in conference early next year. Finally, bring this completely different and deeply flawed bill back to the House for final passage.

If this "tough" bill does enable the passage of a guest-worker program, would that be worth it? And is there something to Lenin's statement: "the worse, the better?" If the government asks people to look on illegal immigrants as "felons" will this unmask the injustice of the system?

I'm against this bill, but man, the politics of this issue is becoming confusing.


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