Towards A Good Samaritan World

Saturday, August 06, 2005


This run-down of the myths by which the EU has justified the expansion of its powers is amusing. They take credit for post-WWII peace on the continent (which of course was actually a result of NATO, American hegemony, and the Soviet threat) and for the spread of freedom and democracy to southern and eastern Europe. But this is disturbing:

According to opinion polls, Europeans consider the United States under George W. Bush the greatest threat to world peace. So European federalists now contend that there has to be a world balance of power. Everywhere it can, Europe offers itself as the civilized alternative to cowboy capitalist diplomacy. Naturally, it is dismissive of American ideas to advance democracy abroad. The EU snuggles up to the Chinese, allowing them to buy into Galileo, Europe’s satellite positioning system. In the Middle East, the EU is the friend of all Arabs and the enemy of Israel. On Iran and North Korea, Europe portrays itself as the mature, diplomatic alternative to Washington. The EU will aim to fulfill the anti-American dream of isolating the United States from all countries save Canada, Australia, and Britain. In this vision, Europe expands to include Turkey, Ukraine, North Africa, and perhaps even Russia. It also takes for granted that Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America will prefer to be guided by Europe, and that the Arabs and Chinese may be persuaded to someday trade in euros rather than dollars. After all, what country in its right mind would want to side with a cowboy capitalist system that threatens to impose its crude values on the rest of the planet?

Meanwhile, European voters are refusing to accept further integration; European economies are stagnating; Europe is unable to integrate its Muslim minorities, many of whom have come to despise, hate, and terrorize it; European populations are graying and are headed for decline; and European leaders are unpopular (except America's best friend, Tony Blair). That Brussels-broiled brains are still conjuring these fantasies is remarkable.


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