Towards A Good Samaritan World

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Maybe the phrase sounds so trite and cliche now that only a satirist like Scott Ott could write it, but there's truth in it. Is it possible for America to stand by Britain as faithfully as Blair did for us after 9/11?

The trouble is that if Bush were to send an offer to, say, "help" Britain in its struggle with terror, the offer would be worse than useless. We're obviously fighting terror pretty hard, and harder than most Britons would like, already, for reasons of our own. "Not in our name," Britons would say, and with good reason.

There may be a backlash in favor of the war on terror in Britain in the wake of the bombings, but we should not attempt to exploit it. Instead, we should offer help and solidarity to Britain, but in the name of seeking global peace. That's the message I'd want to send to the British.


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