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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ruy Teixeira thinks he knows how Democrats can make a "simple, common sense statement of a case for a change of leadership that both democratic base voters and disillusioned Bush voters can easily accept and which the opinion data clearly indicate a solid majority of American voters can support." How? By criticizing Bush as too stubborn to realize he'd made a mistake-- not necessarily by going into Iraq, but by the way he went in. I disagree with that assessment. (To the extent that we made a mistake in Iraq, I think it was in embracing the "Pottery Barn Rule." No, we didn't break it, Saddam did. And we don't own it.) But this is the problem for Teixeira: what's the use (for Democrats) in convincing America we need a change of leadership now? The election is over. There won't be another change of presidential leadership until 2008. And then there's sure to be one, it's just a question of new Democrat president or new Republican president. So I don't see the electoral advantage to Democrats in attacking Bush's character flaws, even if they succeed. What Democrats need to do, rather, is to adopt a new political philosophy, by co-opting some Republican ideas and themes. Like Clinton did.


  • It would seem that the democratic strategy is to demonize Bush, and the republican party by association. Given the intense feelings of the democratic base regarding Bush, this as the added advantage of drawing more liberal support. It will only help them in the next election to the extent that the Republican nominee is unable to distance himself from the Bush, or chooses not to.

    By Blogger Steven, at 9:40 AM  

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