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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


The current leader of the ethnic cleansing lobby in America is Tom Tancredo:

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, a Colorado Republican... is one of the nation's strongest advocates for tougher actions to crack down on illegal immigration... Tancredo is now promising to run for president if no other candidates come forward with plans to deal with these questions... In an interview, [Tancredo] said he wants three things:

• "A secure border, including the application of military assets until the time when the border patrol can be brought up to speed on it."

• "Aggressively go after all employers who are illegally hiring people who are undocumented because (employers) are the demand side of the problem."

• "No amnesty of any kind, shape or variety."

Tancredo represents the dark side in each of us, the part of us that hears Spanish spoken on the street and responds with fear and hatred instead of curiosity and affection. A successful struggle against this dark side within ourselves lies at the heart of the moral progress that we call civilization, in the best sense. Many have said that a retreat into barbarism is now underway on the part of America. I believe they are mistaken; but if Tancredo is elected, I'll be forced to admit that they were right.

A victory for President Tancredo would be a propaganda victory for al-Qaeda. Foreigners would be on notice that we hate and fear them; many would respond in kind. Inasmuch as the changes Tancredo advises were motivated by a fear that terrorists could slip in over the laxly guarded border-- though of course it's far more likely that terrorists would come in on student visas or from Europe-- then the terrorists would have succeeded in changing our way of life, and setting back the cause of freedom.

My own neighborhood is a delightful ethnic mix-- white, black, and Hispanic, with the occasional Asian. Almost every day I stop into a grocery store where most of the personnel speak little or no English. "Veinte cuatro dolares," they'll tell me. "Credito o debito?" I love it. The prices there are lower than at Safeway, catering to their mostly Mexican and Salvadoran clientele. So I benefit materially from immigration. It's my favorite neighborhood in Washington, DC. The mixture makes me feel safer than in all-black neighborhoods.

Tancredo wants to rip this community apart. He wants us to live in fear of the police. How can I not consider him worse than any foreign enemy? And why? He may be under the impression that this will "protect American jobs" or something, yet the unemployment rate is already a low 5%. Or is it just hatred for the Other?

What will happen to the people, those who have worked so hard providing me with apples and chicken gizzards and ice cream? Where will they go? How will they live? Does Tancredo care?

Bush, on the other hand, is on the side of the angels. Already I'm proud and thrilled to say that Bush's amnesty proposal is encouraging immigration:

President Bush's proposal for a guest worker program to help stem the tide of illegal immigration actually prompted a surge of illegal border-crossings...

Judicial Watch, a Washington-based public interest group, said the survey, obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request, showed that 61 percent of a sample of detainees who had been caught illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexican border in the wake of Bush's proposal said they had been informed by the Mexican government or the media that the Bush administration was offering amnesty to illegal immigrants. Nearly 45 percent said the purported amnesty influenced their decision to enter the United States illegally, Judicial Watch said.

Why did Bush say it then? Because (I think) he is a Christian with conscience enough to know that it is right. The phrase "compassionate conservative" comes to mind. As long as a man like Bush is in the White House and men like Tancredo are in the shadows, I'll proudly call myself a Republican. But future GOP candidate had better stand up to the ethnic cleansing lobby, or I'm gone.


  • I really hope Bush will continue to push his immigration reform agenda, but it's too bad that the Republican majority in the congress, which he helped create and whose spending bills he never once vetoed, is not being more supportive. Personally, I think it has a lot to do with the current domestic backlash against the president for the handling of the Iraq war, and his administration's strong-arm tactics within his party. I like to make bold claims, and here comes another one: if Bush had executed the invasion of Iraq better, and had better accountability for the abuse of detainees, he would not currently have as much resistence to his immigration and social security proposals. It seems to me that the flagship Bush is foundering badly in public and international support, and the rats in the Republican party are jumping ship. Apparently the Republican majority was loyal enough to Bush to get him re-elected, and shoring up their own political situations, but now it's every rat for itself. I really feel sorry for the next Republican president who has to put up with a majority like this.

    By Blogger Thomas Reasoner, at 9:09 AM  

  • A friend of mine who works as a Hill staffer (for an immigrant-friendly Republican) was telling me that Tancredo's racism is quite pronounced and quite serious. Apparently, the going theory is that he was wronged at a young age by a Latino/a, as there seems to be few other ways to explain his rampant Latinophobia.

    By Anonymous Andrew, at 8:55 AM  

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