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Friday, July 15, 2005

The London bombings were the work of an Islamist "enemy within," as Charles Krauthammer recounts. Reading about Europe's angry, unassimilated Muslims makes me grateful that America's immigrant masses are Catholic Latinos. Catholicism is, of course, the faith of tens of millions of native-born Americans already, so religion is not a barrier to assimilation, but actually, even language isn't such a barrier. It's a truism that Europeans have brilliant linguistic talents that Americans lack. Yet I suspect that a lot more native-born, Anglo Americans know Spanish than Brits know the languages of the Muslim homelands of their immigrant populations.

A British columnist calls for a renewed drive for Britishness (this is the Tories' big chance) and asks:

We seem to have pulled off the rare feat of breeding suicide bombers determined to attack the very society that incubated them; and the question is why. Why does America import its suicide bombers, while we produce our own?


  • Hopefully the revelation that all four bombers were British nationals will stave off some of the anti-immigration folks' inevitable call to close down borders as an anti-terrorism measure.

    By Blogger Steven, at 10:00 AM  

  • Steven's comment, suffering from the curse of rationality, misses the key point. The bombers were indeed British nationals, in that they were indeed were residents of Britain. The problem, as perceived by the columnist and so many others, is that they weren't sufficiently "British", i.e. like the writer and his friends. I suppose that if you can't make them go back where their grandparents came from or change their skin color, you can at least hope to make them dress, talk and act just like you. Think of an entire nation of Stepford wives (and husbands and children).

    By Anonymous Strophyx, at 7:16 AM  

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