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Friday, June 10, 2005


Turkey was supposed to be the EU's answer to Iraq. While America exported democracy by military force, the EU did it more benignly, through cultural diffusion and peaceful integration into transnational structures-- so the story went.

This story is a bit unfair: as Iraq becomes a democracy, America will have been more instrumental in bringing that about than the EU was in Turkey. However, the story is also idealistic: it embraces the freedom-spreading part of the Bush Doctrine, while embracing gentler means. Moreover, it concedes the idealism of the Iraq venture: the US did something good, the critique seems to suggest, but the EU will do something better.

Well, it looks as if it won't, as Gerard Baker reports. The French referendum, and the likely accession to power of the Christian Democrats later this year, will be the nails in the coffin of Turkish entry.

The failure of Europe to admit Turkey casts a new light on the failure of Europe to welcome regime change in Iraq. Europhiles and leftists would have us believe that Europeans' goodwill towards Muslims was as great or greater than Americans', but they rejected war as a means of expressing that good will. Some of us were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on that one, even though there was an alternative explanation: That Europeans did not care about Iraqis' welfare; or even that they preferred Iraqis to remain destitute and enslaved, as a way of keeping down a potential rival.

But by admitting Turkey to the Union, Europeans could show their good will towards Muslims by the peaceful means. That they (probably) will not suggests that Europe did not oppose a war to liberate Muslims because they dislike war. They opposed it because they dislike Muslims.


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