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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Matt Yglesias is spinning for the EU:

Overlooked in all this is the fact that most Europeans are neither French nor Dutch; significantly more countries approved the constitution than voted it down. Asking why Europeans are rejecting the European Union is a bit like wondering why the American people lost their faith in Ronald Reagan in 1984. There's nothing to explain, because the thing didn't happen.

Ronald Reagan in 1984? Yeah, right.

Sure, some countries approved the constitution. In some cases, e.g. Germany, legislators did so without a referendum. We can see from the French and the Dutch case how far the political class fails to represent the people on this issue. In other cases, countries that benefit from membership of the free-trade bloc, structural funds, rights of migration and/or an implicit security guarantee, were under the impression that rejecting the constitution might lead to being cut out of the Union and losing these benefits.

Ronald Reagan, by contrast, won a landslide victory in the face of a hostile media and a hostile political class.

Matt goes on to write:

The constitution failed not because it was overwhelmingly rejected but because the procedural barriers to approval were so high.

Does he want to lower them? To force some countries to sign up to the constitution against their voters' expressed wishes? What's he driving at here?


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