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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Yes, there's a link: France tried to stop both.

It was France that forced the US and the UK to invade Iraq without a second UN resolution, a.k.a. illegally. We were on the way to a vote of the Security Council, which we might not have won anyway. But France never let us try. Chirac declared pre-emptively that France would veto any resolution authorizing war. The declaration was both an irritation and a godsend to Tony Blair: an irritation, because he really did want a second resolution to pass; a godsend, because Blair used France's "unreasonable veto" to get Parliament to authorize a war without the UN's consent.

The French have just, in a small way, changed the narrative of the Iraq War, and made it more favorable to the Anglosphere-led coalition. Before now, few would have been willing to credit the Anglo-American claim that the "illegal" way we went into the Iraq War was unavoidable because of the machinations of an obstinate and erratic France. Now people might take another look at that argument.


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