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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

MaxedOutMama blames the influence of corporate lobbyists on the universities:

Is it really a surprise that our society is dominated by big corporations and their lobbyists? If the bulk of what we get out of universities is faked data, skewed studies and artistic frothing at the mouth, there will be no counterpoint to a seemingly solid company-funded study. So the corporate lobbyists are winning the day, and all too often it is because we lack a solid objective body of scholarship on the issues of the day.

I'm all in favor of a Reformation in academia. And I think the blogosphere might have a role to play in it.


  • I know that it is popular to bash universities, but the the idea that universities are a vast conspiracy of hard leftists is, to put it bluntly, tripe.

    It's has about as much truth as the "fact" that the Republicans are all Christ obsessed end-timers or the Democrats are all socialists. You can always find outliers in any large group, but basing one's opinions on them doesn't make one look good.

    And, quite frankly, if my life was going to depend on the results of a study, I'd vastly prefer it to be done by a university professor in Biochemistry than a scientist who *knows* that too much bad news (or more realistically, negative interpretation of unobvious data) is not in his long-term interests.

    By Anonymous Tom West, at 2:26 PM  

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