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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

MaxedOutMama worked hard on this blog post, "Surfing the Tsunami," yesterday. I was impressed. She starts with the sea change in opinion on Iraq but segues to this:

[T]he German political system as it has evolved post-war hates change. It fears economic change because it forces social change, and it fears social change because it might force economic change. Whether any American wants to hear it or not, we are facing the same issues now, and we have obviously not decided how we will resolve them. Demographics are a relatively immutable force, and we will have to dramatically alter our domestic spending programs as a result. Anyone can read our newspapers and see a willful failure to confront the realities we face...

After defending people's rights to do what they wish, then we have the right as a society to create laws and a legal framework that try to promote opportunity and overcome handicaps. We have always done best as a society when we have distributed opportunity widely, and we have always stagnated and retreated when we have built walls inhibiting opportunity, whether those walls were based on color, ethnicity, class or other categories. We have several centuries of history behind us, and those centuries ought to have taught us that people create economic growth, and that more people participating freely in the economy and in national life promote economic freedom and a healthy national life. Every time we open doors we profit from it. This should be a common American understanding. That particular axiom has proved out over and over again.

However, we are entering a period in which it appears that the bottom socio-economic third of our society is losing big-time. This trend is being fed by international economic trends and our own short-sighted economic policies. We will have to forge a new consensus within the next decade as to how we will conduct our domestic economic affairs, and it will take major change. Do we have the courage to do it?

Interesting, but what does she have in mind? Other than Social Security reform, here's a suggestion of mine, about how to open the borders to immigrants.


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