Towards A Good Samaritan World

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Julian Sanchez answers Tim Cavanaugh's call for "counter-narratives." (See my post as well as Jujitsui-Generis here and here.) What's interesting is that the premise of Julian's article-- that we are promoting democracy in the Middle East, and that "George W. Bush may cite Jesus as his favorite political philosopher, but his ideas on foreign policy bear a distinctly Kantian imprimatur"-- implicitly concedes a claim that made war critics howl with rage a couple of years ago: that the liberation of Iraq, whatever else it may have been, is an advance for freedom and democracy. (Julian questions whether this enhances US security.) The ratchet clicks...

Julian doesn't do justice to democratic peace theory either. The point is that there has never been a war between two democracies. Never. Look it up.

(Disclaimer: I have been known to problematize the notion of universal democratization myself.)


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