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Monday, February 07, 2005


Michael Goodwin calls Howard Dean the Dems' "gravedigger." David Brooks sees Dean's rise as the consolidation of control of the Dems by a cultural elite that (he hints) will only alienate the rest of the country. It's pretty clear the Dems are in a bad way: the Weekly Standard is analyzing the Dems' "Hell Week."

I think Dean taking the DNC chair could be good for the Democrats and the country.

Dean's main virtue, in my view, is his fiscally conservative record as governor of Vermont. Bush should be hounded by the opposition for running up the deficit, but unfortunately when the opposition consists of tax-and-spend liberals, they can't offer the public a credible alternative. Dean might correct that.

My reading of Dean is that he is a liberal bigot. Meaning that he is incapable of understanding or seeing anything of worth in conservatives. He also has delusions of being a populist, which the press exacerbated by flattering him, when really his is an elite appeal. (An elite which has to imagine itself in the role of advocates for the populace as a means of self-legitimation.) But at least he is honest, consistent, and genuine.

And now the Dems have a leader, of which Ann Althouse and Chris Matthews noticed the lack before. Hopefully, Dean will take the spotlight off of Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, John Kerry and co. That would be a great service to the Democrats.

I've said for a while that America has one good political party, while we need two. Maybe Dean will re-invent the Dems into a worthwhile political party again.

But there's one Dean quote that is hard to forgive. Upon Saddam's capture, he remarked that it "doesn't make America any safer." Dean may even be right, for all I know. As a reaction to the capture of a man who caused the deaths of millions, the remark is beyond heartless, it's soulless. The apathy towards Iraqis' welfare is blood-curdling. And you get the sense that Dean would be just about as apathetic if someone threw a few million American conservatives in mass graves. That's a fault on his part.

Meanwhile, good news on the deficit here. (By the way, what does the MSM mean when they mention a "popular program?" Defintion: a program you've never heard of.)


  • I agree - Dean believes what he believes and is prepared to fight for what he believes is important. His record in Vermont was by no means that of a wild-eyed leftist. He adds experience and heart to the party. Whether he will be able to control his mouth and focus on the party's objectives is questionable, but at least he won't be a mealymouthed hypocrite.

    The Democrats desperately need some leaders on a national level who are fighting for something rather than against the vast BushRove Amerikkan conspiracy, which is not selling across most of the country. Simply giving speeches with a laundry-like list of new spending programs like Kennedy did is useless. Everyone knows that can't happen.

    By Blogger MaxedOutMama, at 5:04 PM  

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