Towards A Good Samaritan World

Monday, February 28, 2005


Blacks were disproportionately dependent on welfare, so they disproportionately experienced the effects of the 1996 welfare reform first-hand. They saw how removing the social cancer of dependency on government was beneficial to values, families and communities. What could be more appropriate, then, but that the next phase of welfare reform is heavily supported by blacks:

Polling from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, an independent Washington think tank that focuses on African American issues, shows strong support among blacks for investing a portion of Social Security payroll taxes in private accounts.

A 2002 survey found that 67% of blacks supported the idea. Support jumped to about 79% among blacks 18 to 25, a key target group for Republicans.

"Among younger African Americans, there is a consistent attraction to private accounts and we have seen it for some time," said David Bositis, a senior analyst at the center.


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