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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Poor Tories:

Tory MPs were demoralised by a Populus poll for the News of the World of 202 marginal seats showing Mr Blair is on track to win a third landslide in May with a 160-seat majority.

That could leave the Tories with just 163 MPs, two less than they returned at Labour's 1997 landslide and their worst showing since 1906.

The party of Churchill and Thatcher is losing its viability. David Brooks wonders if the same fate could be in store for the party of Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

The Democrats and the Tories have the same problem: no good ideas. Their lack of good leadership is a function of the lack of ideas.

Why have Labor and the Democrats, on the one hand, and the Tories and Republicans, on the other, diverged so much? The strange thing is that in 1997 Tony Blair looked like an echo of Bill Clinton. But to the extent that Bill Clinton represented ideas rather than just energy and personality, the Democrats failed to embrace those ideas.

(Hat tip: MaxedOutMama, my #1 news source on Europe.)


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