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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Here's Ted Kennedy's speech on the future of the Democratic Party. Summary: they never learn. First, he minimizes the defeat:

2004 was... a replay of 2000... a switch of less than 60,000 votes in Ohio would've brought victory. Unlike 2000, it would've been a victory against an incumbent president in a time of war.

Small swings in other states could also have given Democrats control of the Senate or the House or even both.

The Dems had a lot of advantages this year. Bush is a risk-taker, a bold leader, who alienates portions of his constituency. Conservatives like Andrew Sullivan and Daniel Drezner actually endorsed Kerry because of issues like the deficit. Giuliani could get these votes back for the Rs without even trying. The MSM did its darnedest to portray the economy and Iraq as disasters, expending valuable credibility capital that they can probably never regain. Donors poured a huge amount of money to the Democrats. The Dems have been losing ground for a generation. When will they realize they're on the wrong track?

It's deeply insulting when Democrats talk about uniting the country

Unlike the Republican Party, we believe our values unite us as Americans instead of dividing us...

Despite resistance, setbacks and periods of backlash over the years, our values have moved us closer to the ideal with which America began, that all people are created equal.

And when Democrats say, all, we mean all...

Our progressive vision is not just for Democrats or Republicans, for red states or blue states.

while speaking this contemptuously of the policies which a majority of Americans have endorsed:

The challenge has been needlessly compounded because Republican Congresses and administrations have consciously chosen negative policies that diminish the American dream.

On Iraq, Kennedy remarks:

Our challenge now is to convince George Bush that there is a better way ahead in Iraq instead of continuing to sink deeper into the quagmire.

And yet he offers no alternatives, no congratulations to the Iraqis on the upcoming elections, no support for the troops, and not a hint of what the "better way" might be. How can we take this party seriously?

About Bush's radical plan to give the workers a chance to own the means of production, Kennedy says:

I categorically reject the deceptive and dangerous claim that the outcome last November was somehow a sweeping or even a modest or even a miniature mandate for reactionary measures like privatizing Social Security...

Reactionary is a funny word for Democrats to be throwing around. It is they who are always "reacting" and over-reacting, always opposing, always looking to the past. The reactionary left.

Meanwhile, Kennedy follows the new Democrat trend of baiting damn foreigners:

The hopes of average Americans have faltered, as global forces cause the economy to shift against them.

Those ominous "global forces."

If Kennedy represents the Democrats, it's urgent that we crush them even worse in 2006 and 2008.


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