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Friday, January 14, 2005

I think I'm pretty good at understanding other points of view. I can understand why people would support socialized medicine, or oppose Social Security reform, though I disagree with them. I can understand supporters and opponents of gay marriage. I can understand why a lot of people around the world resent America's cultural influence. I can understand creationists and evolutionists. I can even understand why someone would want to wage jihad on the west or start a revolution to establish a communist utopia.

But one opinion that baffles me is when former Iraq war supporters change their minds:

EVEN DONALD RUMSFELD, in his more private moments, must wonder if the invasion of Iraq was really such a good idea. It has become obvious to almost everyone else, including many such as myself who originally supported the war, that it has been a huge mistake.

I've heard this before. I just don't get it. Is this guy aware that a dictator who killed between 1 million and 6 million people would still be in power today without the war? Is that not registering somehow? Has this guy read Iraq the Model, the Mesopotamian, Healing Iraq, or any of dozens of others? Not that they support everything we do-- some of them are quite critical of us sometimes, of course-- but wanting to shut them up in Saddam's prison-state again is something I just can't imagine.

It's like saying, "You know, maybe we should have just left Hitler alone. Heck, most of the Jews were dead anyway by the time we got there..."

The soldiers' morale has held up just fine the whole time, and they've done tremendous brave work. How can you justify the home front-- people who aren't even taking any risks!-- losing their nerve?

The guy makes the valid point that the invasion of Iraq encouraged Iran to build nukes. But still. We know the Iraqis had nowhere to go but up two years ago. The soldiers are volunteers and proud to be making history and spreading freedom. There have been no attacks on US soil. Elections are on the way. There's trouble, but we know who the good guys and the bad guys are. Stay the course. What's hard to understand here?


  • Lancelot,

    You can't justify it on the basis of the facts. On the other hand, those in the NY/DC/CA news family often don't know the facts. Chrenkoff has a post up analyzing a sampling of stories on Iraq. Much heat, very little light.

    Have you seen the Arab News article by James Zogby? He thinks mental inbreeding among the very small group of newsies accounts for a lot of the MSM oddities.

    By Blogger MaxedOutMama, at 6:54 AM  

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