Towards A Good Samaritan World

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Andrew Sullivan grudgingly admits that Bush has a chance at a legacy like Reagan’s. Finally he figured it out. (Just filter out Sullivan’s anti-religious bias.)

I support open borders on grounds of justice—to dissolve a global caste system stratified by place of birth—but immigration has also accelerated productivity growth in recent years.

Europe is depressed about Bush’s second inauguration, reports Thomas Friedman. But I think Bush’s re-election will force Europeans to take a second look at Bush. Lately I’ve been reading Cowboy Capitalism, a book written about the American economy, to Germans, by a German, with the hope of deflating anti-American myths and persuading Germans that American-style capitalism is something their country would do well to embrace. The most startling part of the book is finding out what Germans are ready to believe about America. Friedman reports Dominique Moisi as saying, "It is not that we are so much against America, it is that we cannot understand the evolution of that country.” Yeah, they don’t. To understand us better, Europe needs to do less lecturing and more listening. And those who think Europe is a “blue state” must not count racial equality as a Democratic strength anymore. America—red-state and blue-state alike—has licked racism much better than Europe has.

Here’s a good summary of where Blair stands, by Timothy Garten Ash. Hopeful about Bush. Wants Britain to endorse the EU constitution, but Rupert Murdoch disagrees. Ash says if he fails, it will be because of Iraq. Whatever else happens, Blair is certainly a remarkable politician.

I once heard a European expressed horror that Gonzales referred to the Geneva conventions as “quaint.” Here's Mark Steyn's reality check for devotees of the Geneva conventions. One of the most distinctive features of contemporary leftists is the way their pieties crowd out critical reasoning. (This is not to dismiss all criticism of the Bush administration's human rights record, some of which is welcome. But uncritical faith in the Geneva conventions is as wrong-headed as uncritical faith in Bush.)


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