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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Max Borders announced he's leaving the blogosphere. It's quite a loss! "Jujitsui-Generis: Taking Bad Ideas to the Mat." Cool blog. Go post a comment. Maybe this is like a concert, where if the audience applauds long enough the performer comes back out and gives an encore.

That said, I think we may see more exit in the near future. My sense is that there may be too many blogs already. Does it make sense to have so many? I've noticed that I can probably get more readers by posting a comment on Belmont Club than by putting a post here. Comments even show up in Google searches! I'll certainly take a break after Dec. 17th, first for Christmas with the family, then my wedding-and-honeymoon. After that, I'll be married, which will no doubt create a lot of claims on my time. Posting every day is a bit exhausting. And potentially job-jeopardizing, as I suspect a lot of people have discovered. I haven't decided yet. But the ease of leaving comments on other people's blogs diminishes the incentive to have your own.

Blogger burnout. Someone should blog about it...


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