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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Iran. A hard nut to crack. TNR ridicules neocons for not being able to agree on a solution, but of course they have no solution either.

One problem is that

[T]he democrats may be just as determined in their pursuit of the bomb as the mullahs. Aside from the MEK, which has been frequently compared to a cult, very few of the regime's opponents have openly criticized the nuclear program. "You have a failure of the opposition to engage the nuclear question," bemoans Hoover's Milani. In fact, even longtime opponents of the regime have defended Tehran's atomic ambitions. Ardeshir Zahedi, who served as a foreign minister under the Shah, argued earlier this year in The Wall Street Journal that there's nothing inherently wrong with an Iranian bomb: "A peaceful Iran with no ambitions to export an ideology or seek regional hegemony would be no more threatening than Britain, which also has a nuclear arsenal." And some longtime advocates of republican government in Iran have gone so far as to applaud the mullahs for protecting the country's sovereign right to develop a nuclear program.

And why shouldn't they? Our anti-proliferation stance is built on a double standard. These five powers (maybe seven or eight) have the right to build nuclear weapons, the rest of you don't. Naturally a lot of the have-nots don't find the argument convincing.


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