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Friday, December 03, 2004

The Borders-Logan debate is winding down, but Borders adds in this eloquently-titled post:

"Damn, Lancelot Finn is Smart"

Max Borders is now on my blogroll.

He also remarks that it's hard to comment on my site if you don't subscribe to Blogger. I didn't know that. I think you can post anonymously, though, and then just identify yourself in the post. You can comment with html. Sorry, I didn't know there was this restriction, or maybe I would have started blogging with a different service.

[UPDATE: Borders is not on the blogroll just for that remark, by the way. He's good at parsing ideas. And he's feisty. Funny in short posts. Rigorous in long posts. Worth getting your head around his words. I approve. Even though I suspect he's some kind of an ethical nihilist.]


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