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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


They're saying that the biggest concern for voters was "values," and that "values" voters overwhelmingly backed Bush. Exactly right. Let me link one more time to Hamilton's Pamphlets' post "Epiphany":

The reason I find President Bush so believable, so honest, so capable is
that you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. He is passionate and
truly believes in what he is doing. It is that very Biblical "Neighborly Love"
that drives so much of his decision making. It isn't just good policy, it has a
Moral Imperitive to it. He loves his neighbors and is compelled to protect them.
To work on the economy so they have good jobs. To push through for prescription
drug benefits to "honor the mothers and the fathers". It is so perfectly crystal

Senator Kerry is that loud gong. He is that clanging cymbal. His
positions change because they have no basis in anything but pleasing whomever he
is with at the time. His policy (if you can call it that) serves only to fuel
his climb to the top. It will always change based on who can propel him higher
or further.

YES. That's what voters understood.


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