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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


The pro-Kerry, anti-Bush spin in this Sullivan column is beyond ridiculous. But he makes the point I've made that the spectrum has become a wheel: right is becoming left and left is becoming right.

The question we face in this election is therefore a truly befuddling one: In a world in crisis, is there a greater risk in Bush's radicalism or Kerry's conservatism? And what do right and left mean anymore, anyway?

It seems Sullivan forgets quickly though. Today he blogs:

The great mystery now is whether this president will use a second term to moderate somewhat or to forge ahead to the right. My bet is on the latter.

What does that mean, Andrew? You just pointed out that we don't know, and now you're using the terms as if we do?

My Bush endorsement emphasized Bush's radicalism too, more on the foreign policy side.


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