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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Two details of the victory last night will affect the mandate Bush got for his second term.

1. The silver lining of losing New Jersey

If New Jersey had gone to Bush, it would have been a sign that people were voting for Bush out of fear, as a strong opponent of terror. That Kerry won NJ easily suggests maybe he was credible on terror. Bush didn't win because "he played on our fears." The heartland sent the limousine liberals packing.

2. The comeback of Gingrichism

It sounds to me like new senators Coburn from Oklahoma and DeMint of South Carolina are very free-marketeer. And it looks like there'll be a 55-45 Republican majority. As Tech Central put it a few weeks back: "Perhaps the Bush presidency is but a brief interlude on the road back to the Gingrichian future for Republicans." We're about to find out.


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