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Monday, November 15, 2004


This post is funny. (And quite good.) This one is sad. But it is good news for recruitment. Young men: you have the chance for adventure and heroism that an "old warhorse" longs for. Don't miss it.

(All right, so I'm a young man too. I should take my own advice. Here's my excuse: my fiancee doesn't want me to join the Reserves. I figure, if she's marrying me, she should have a say in it. She's toyed with the idea of returning to the Mormon Church, which I'm against. So I made a deal: she can rejoin the Church if she wants, but if she does, I get to join the Reserves. So there's a chance.)

I met a Marine last weekend who had been stationed in Djibouti for a while. He described how they live in ten-man tents and go into each other's rooms because they have nothing to do. He said he would have liked to be in Iraq. Andrew Sullivan is renewing his call for more troops:

MORE TROOPS, PLEASE: It's pointless to reiterate this, since the administration will never listen, but the evidence is still overwhelming that we do not have sufficient military manpower - American or Iraqi - to keep order in Iraq.

I've been dubious of Sullivan's armchair-generalling before. But heck, if there are a lot of military guys who want to help out with building democracy in Iraq and aren't getting the chance, maybe we should do it. Boost morale. (Yeah, I know, two data points are not enough to draw conclusions...)


  • Don't count me out yet! I'm still working the angles, you don't put in 18 years in the military without figuring out how to work toward your objectives. I look at this as a temporary set back to the plan. I'll get to help in rebuilding Iraq even if I don't make it actually to Iraq.


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