Towards A Good Samaritan World

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


"Immigration enforcement grows weaker" reports the Washington Times.

Immigration enforcement efforts actually have become more lax since the September 11 attacks and have had "no meaningful impact" on the growing number of immigrants now in the United States — which has reached a record high of 34 million, according to a report released yesterday.

A 13 percent increase of U.S. immigrants, more than 4 million, since 2000 included more than 2 million illegal aliens, who now total about 10 million or 30 percent of the immigrant population, the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), said in its report, based on as-yet-unpublished U.S. Census Bureau data.

My heartfelt welcome to all who have come to our country. Your presence is an honor for us, whether you have come to experience or enjoy our country, to make a living, or to build a new life. Our thanks to you for preserving one of America's proudest traditions, the tradition that validates and gives life to all the rest by underlining the universality of our principles. My welcome goes out in particular to the illegals, along with my deepest apologies about the deterioration of our hospitality over the years. Unfortunately, America contains a lot of jerks who want to slam the door in the face of people who ask nothing of us but wish to come here and earn their living peacefully. Apologies for the fear of the police, the inability to make flights on airplanes, the lack of drivers' licenses, and all the other inconveniences. Very embarrassing to us that you have to go through that... But I hope your stay is pleasant and profitable nonetheless. We'll work on fixing all those problems one of these days.


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