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Friday, November 19, 2004


A morbid but gripping read about how the Coalition of the Just will solve the Arab question. I assume James Pinkerton is being ironic. But how ironic, and to what ends? Is he a super-hawk engaged in lawyer's bargaining, demanding more than he wants in hopes of a compromise that is just right? Has he written a warning? Does he think things will actually happen this way? The essay is readable, clever, funny, dark, but most of all cryptic. I felt I was being persuaded by it, but persuaded of what?


  • So is Iraq doing well but suffers a few bad spots, or is the current policy failing utterly? If you accept the information in the article (not the projected portions but rather the current parts to which Pinkerton linked) as fact, then it would seem clear that we are and have been vastly short of manpower in Iraq. Until domestic forces are capable of keeping order and growing their own state, we are responsible for those tasks.

    besides that I'd like to note that, whatever Pinkerton's intent, it should be clear that if we were sufficiently brazen in our methods of crushing resistance, we would quickly find ourselves in a "coalition" by ourselves and with no support at all from Iraqis. There is middle ground, of course, but the use of cruder methods is moving away from the sweet spot of the spectrum.

    By Blogger Nato, at 9:19 AM  

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